Christmas lights are beautiful but can also be a lot of work. Climbing
up a ladder in the freezing cold. Untangling and repairing the lights. There’s nothing jolly about trying to find that one burnt out bulb. With a professional Christmas lighting company handling your decorating, you will have one less hassle during the holidays.
  1. Free Design Consultation
    Whether you know exactly want you want or you are not sure yet, we are here to help bring your envisions to life. With many options of professional lighting to choose from, we can do endless scenarios. Give us a call to start your free design consultation started.
  2. Installation & Removal
    The best part about hiring us is you can kick back while we professionally install your lights to ensure the best looking house in the neighborhood. At any moment any of your lights are not working, we come back out and fix the issue for free. No checking every bulb. After New Years we come back and take it all down.
  3. Lights & Decor
    Time are changing and so are the light bulbs we now use today. We love LED bulbs. Less hassle and electric bills are considerably cheaper. Tons of LED lighting configurations to choose from. We also offer wreaths, bows, bells, garland, light sculptures and animated displays.